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    Suggested games for new rig

    My fav racing game ever is an old game I used to play on PS3, is also available on steam and I would assume xbox 360, and thats "Racing Driver Grid" the first one not the second one "Grid 2" and personally I think the first one was loads better than the second one.
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    Wifi Extender or router

    Cant see any issues with it, has everything I would look for in a AC1900 wireless router, good reviews, beamforming (worth checking the extender also supports this, the RE580D does). Not sure how many users are going to be on your wifi connection to know if its worth you running 2 wireless...
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    Can't open hard drive all of a sudden

    have you tied using a different power cable to the drive, could be a power supply issue, strange things happen that seem completely unrelated to the power supply if everything is not getting the exact correct amount of power, if you have 3 hard drives, assuming this is not your OS hard drive...
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    Wifi Extender or router

    Have just looked at some reviews for the following model TP-LINK 1900Mbps AC Wi-Fi Wireless Range Extender RE580D And its looks very promising, judging purely on the review most users are giving this 5 stars, so personally I would feel confident choosing this model. if you had a different...
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    USB Extension won't work with Security Camera

    could try using a usb extension with duel ferrite choke's.
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    Wifi Extender or router

    NETGEAR EX7300 WiFi Range Extender - AC 2200, Dual-band
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    Wifi Extender or router

    I disagree with not using an extender, I have one set-up with no issues, my home office is from one corner of my house to another as far away from my router as possible, its the only room in the house where I can't get a strong reliable connection straight from my router, so I use an extender...
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    Connecting two buildings together. Network theory

    assuming both buildings have internet access, then you could set up a domain or VPN, this is probably the cheapest way, otherwise install 2 large antennas on each building to boost a wireless signal between the 2 building using a point to point wireless bridge.
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    Looking into being a Network technician and I have some questions.

    Depends on the environment, I was a network engineer when I first left university working in a remote Data Centre hosting around 2,000 Servers all all types from Windows Servers, IBM crunches running Z Operating Systems, Sun Servers, ISS, Apache, you name it, was the easiest job in the world and...
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    Netflix on my TV is slow, but nothing else on the network is. Completely baffling problem.

    Problem could be the TV hardware itself, pure speculation but I would imagine with some TV's all the money goes into the screen itself, and all other processing power of the TV to run app's could be lacking. I have a similar problem, my downstairs main TV, that is right next to my router and...
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    TOP Best games that you've played in your life.

    1. Skyrim 2. Battlefield 2 (in its time) 3. Street Fighter 2 (on SNES) 4. Uncharted 1, 2, 3 and 4 5. Rocket League (my current game of the moment) 6. Super Mario Kart (on SNES) 7. Grand Turismo 2 8. Chuckie Egg (zx spectrum, I recall happy memories I used to play this game with my Mum when I was...
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    Can I install windows 10 in intel pentium 3 laptop ?

    If you try to install Windows 10 on any device, the first thing it will do is a compatibility check, hence windows its self will tell you, I would not write off the possibility, I might work although I thin k even if the processor proves to withstand, you will be very lucky to not find some...
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    Phone heating like crazy

    Well if your phone is overheating and changing the battery does not resolve the issue, then I guess your in the market for a new phone, and am just saying right now at this very moment, the J7 is a very good choice when you write "value for money" into the equation.
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    Phone heating like crazy

    Not really, not in my opinion at least, does a phone really need that extra power, there both going to run all the same apps, and I bet you will only notice the extra power of the S7 if your going to leave all your apps open at the same time, so basically the S7 give you the leverage to not...
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    Phone heating like crazy

    Ok name one thing that the S7 can to that the J7 can't, even if the hardware is superior, then Justify the fact that the fact that the S7 retails for around £500 where as the J7 is around £180
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    High Definition Audio Device Driver Issue

    After a little research I know what the problem is, its ever since the windows 10 Anniversary update last year, there has been an issue with trying to run the VIA Audio HD Vdeck with windows 10 64bit edition. The 32 bit and 64 bit versions of vdeck are on the same official download file, and it...
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    High Definition Audio Device Driver Issue

    Hardware ID's HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2806&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2806&SUBSYS_80860101 The Motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H, as per following link
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    High Definition Audio Device Driver Issue

    Basically this is an ODC issue, that has plagued my PC for as long as I can recall, the sound only my PC actually works, I run a basic sound setup using only the on-board sound, which does support 7.1 Surround, however I only have a basic pair of 2 way speakers connected and they work fine, as...
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    Phone heating like crazy

    I would recommend the Samsung J7, I fail to see how the S models justify the extra price over the J7, every bit as good imo for less than half the price.
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    Buying a new laptop

    Again depends what you want it for, and guessing on the spec's its a home PC replacement / Alternative. I recently got myself a little HP Stream X360, am very impressed with it for less than £250, battery life is amazing, very light weight, easy to carry, it ability to switch from a Pad to a...