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    Water Proofing a camera

    Go into any outdoor shop and get some 'Nikwax', and waterproof the camera bag. As you probably know, be careful with plastic bags as the condensation created inside of them can be destructive.
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    Photo Tourney: Creative
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    Photo Tourney - Path, Street & Road

    Hi Danny, we went to Morocco earlier in the year on a trekking holiday and climbed Mt Toubkal in the 'Atlas Mountain' range :)
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    Photo Tourney - Path, Street & Road

    The path up/down is to the right of the snow field
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    Please help urgent!!!

    You won't need any drivers for it, W7 has all that's needed. If it hasn't broken try another USB port and Windows will reload the drivers.
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    What Web Browser Do You Use?

    I've used IE for years and was on IE10 which was quite an improvement but it seems like 'Google' kept telling me to update my browser saying version 6 of IE :confused: is not supported and 'Google APP store' wouldn't display the page correctly. I think it is a deliberate ploy by Google to...
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    Need an app

    Thanks, I'll download and give it a try.
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    Need an app

    Asus Nexus tablet running Jelly Bean 4.2.2 The way to screenshot is by using the 'Power' and 'Volume down' buttons together which I believe has been the case since ICS, but this is awkward when enclosed in its case and I want an app preferably in the notification area. Unfortunately Jelly...
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    Photo Tourney - Camouflage

    How's what :P I like that :good:
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    *Official* Post Your Pictures Thread

    Of course you are :good: but if you don't belong to the 'gang' you don't get any votes :D
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    Phototourney: Danger

    Let me know if it doesn't suit :good:
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    *Official* Post Your Pictures Thread

    My dog loving the water Close up of a wasp
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    organising photos

    At the most basic level your photo's should have been organised on the hard disc, like said by others. I then use Photoshop Elements organiser for a more detailed catalogue where I can filter my search by adding 'tags' but even without elements you have to have some organisation. Backing up...
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    Photo Tourney: Vintage

    Is that heavily edited, no I don't think so :) I would say that changing a coloured photo to B&W or shades of is heavier editing than Danny's photo, at least the majority of his is natural, whereas mine and others bear no relationship to the coloured photo that was taken.
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    Photo Tourney: Vintage Edited with a little vignette, is that OK
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    Brutally Honest Critiques

    I agree but disagree with the crop, the open space should be in the direction the dog is looking, also the tree to the left of the dog is pulling your eyes towards it and becoming the main focus.
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    Photo Tourney - Calm

    Cheers tremmor, at least Mrs Piggy is calm :D
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    Photo Tourney - Calm
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    Photo Tourney - Smoke

    Then go light a fire and take a picture