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    quad core versus dual core

    Q9450. The speed of the E8500 won't make up for the loss of cores.
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    Nehalem CPUs

    Nehalem's will be far from affordable at release.
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    E7200 vs. X2 5600+

    Wish I had water, or a top notch air even. I think I could get 3.8GHz with this Q6600 on air. I can boot & run SuperPI 1M with 1.39v
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    E7200 vs. X2 5600+

    E7200 definitely. Best budget processor available right now
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    Overclocking and failing miserably

    May need more CPU voltage than that. What are all of your settings?
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    .m4a to .mp3 or .wav?

    Also, your best chance of keeping the file's m4a quality would be to convert to a high bitrate mp3 like 320 so the mp3 codec won't try to compress the file too much, but this will also be taking up a lot more space and not offering great quality. It will not sound like a 320kbps mp3, and you'll...
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    .m4a to .mp3 or .wav?

    Do you have the CDs of all of them? The absolute best way to go about putting your music on your PC is ripping from the source (CD) to FLAC (or another lossless codec but I use FLAC), and if you want compressed versions for smaller hard drives, use LAME to convert to VBR mp3.
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    .m4a to .mp3 or .wav?

    Don't convert to .wav. Lossy to WAVE doesn't increase quality, it would only take up more space. .mp4 to .mp3 will also reduce quality.
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    Overclocking a Q9450

    Staying under 1.35v would be fine. If you can't get the clocks you want there (after testing all other settings like NB, VTT, etc.), just leave it alone and find the sweet spot between clocks/voltage.
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    Guitar Center carries both. Your closest Guitar Center may have both available for testing.
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    You can't go wrong with Sennheisers in general but I'd recommend you finding a store that keeps those 2 in stock and listen for yourself. HD280Pros are better for some listeners and HD555s for others.
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    What intel CPU?

    There are better coolers for the same price. I regret my purchase
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    Q9450 Overclocking?

    Pretty much. Q9450s bonus is slightly faster at same clocks/FSB (3-5%), less power usage/less heat (because of less power), SSE4 and 12MB cache. I personally didn't feel that was worth $140 so I went with the tried and true. I run a high FSB so even with speedstep on, it's faster than stock speeds.
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    AMD vs Intel

    That one
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    Intel price cut on Q3 2008 !!!

    You answered your own question when you mentioned video & sound editing along with graphics design. Q6600 is great for gaming as well but people somehow overlook this and say things like "E8400 for gaming" when it's only marginally better.
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    which sound card?

    On board on the P35-DS3L was horrible compared to my audiophile 2496. I used it during the install of Windows and basic programs, played a song in Winamp, was disgusted, installed my audiophile literally 1 minute later and never looked back to on board sound again. You want 7.1 or no?
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    Dead man walking

    Go ahead and do 3.2GHz. It's ridiculously easy. I OCed mine to 3.2 the first day I owned it and it passed 24hrs of prime with a small voltage bump over stock.
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    AMD vs Intel

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    Speakers not working

    Can't believe PC eye, the PC expert, didn't mention that vacuums create static electricity and could've easily messed up some hardware.
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    Sound card help frame rate?

    It won't be noticeable. The amount of processing power it takes to decode sound isn't much at all.