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  1. spynoodle

    Windows or Linux

    I get the impression that for the most part, the computer-savvy community is split between Linux and Windows mainly based on the lack of support for gaming and professional photo/video editing in Linux. For general-purpose web browsing and office work or schoolwork, Linux has many advantages...
  2. spynoodle

    Pentium 4 or pentium CeleronD Cpu?

    This was a really old G4, as in one of the ones that was basically equivalent to a Pentium II PC. Nonetheless, it could still run a lightweight Linux distro. :)
  3. spynoodle

    Pentium 4 or pentium CeleronD Cpu?

    I have to admit that I share this hobby; one of my friends found an old Powermac G4 in a dumpster at one point, and I was very excited to get Linux to run on it.
  4. spynoodle

    bluetooth headphones?

    The S305s are a mixed bag design-wise; the sound quality is great, in my opinion, but they are not too comfortable. You have a lot of options, though, and I can assure you that the interface itself will not be limiting.
  5. spynoodle

    whats a good motherboard for the g3258 chip

    Just to shed some light on the cheap vs. expensive motherboard debate, here's an interesting Tomshardware article that covers the dilemma:,3888.html
  6. spynoodle

    bluetooth headphones?

    I can attest that there is essentially no noticeable decrease in audio quality over a Bluetooth signal compared to a wired connection; I have a pair of Motorola S305 headphones, and I have never noticed any interference or any perceptible compression. However, I was also given a pair of Sony RF...
  7. spynoodle

    Processor Gets Stuck at Lowest Multiplier

    Given everything you've said, my guess would just be that somehow the temperature sensor got damaged, and now the CPU thinks that it has to throttle when it really doesn't. I'm not sure if it's even possible to fix a broken temperature sensor, so your only option would be to disable thermal...
  8. spynoodle

    Processor Gets Stuck at Lowest Multiplier

    You were probably being downclocked because your CPU was thermal throttling. I don't know why your sensor would read over 200 degrees C, because there is basically no way that your CPU could handle that, but either way it seems like your sensor was attempting to report a very high temperature...
  9. spynoodle

    Chrome cast

    As a Chromecast owner, I can say that the screencast feature works somewhat well, but only in certain scenarios. The most important thing to remember about screencasting from Chrome on a computer is that it requires a good deal of processing power to work correctly, and your resolution is...
  10. spynoodle

    Pentium (R)4 Vs Pentium M?

    Pentium M's are much faster clock-for-clock than Pentium 4's, so a 1.5GHz Pentium M should cream a 2GHz Pentium 4. On top of that, the Pentium M would use way less power in the process, thus giving you way better battery life if we're talking about two laptops. Have you looked into seeing if...
  11. spynoodle

    Parts have arrived!

    They entered the memory market a couple years ago, in part as an attempt to promote improved memory bandwidth for their APUs. Not sure why the move was necessary, but their memory appears to be pretty solid. EDIT: ^Posted at the same time. :D
  12. spynoodle

    question about sending txt message

    Do you or your friends have Sprint? I think that the MMS forwarding only works with Sprint.
  13. spynoodle

    question about sending txt message

    I also use Google Voice, just so I don't have to pay for an added texting plan with Verizon (I haven't succumbed to the Share Everything garbage yet). It works okay most of the time, but its lack of support for MMS is getting pretty annoying. Also, I find that sometimes my messages literally...
  14. spynoodle

    Review: Aerocool Dead Silence VS Be quiet! Silent Wings 2

    I'm still waiting hopefully for when this finally comes to fruition:
  15. spynoodle

    AMD Processors

    I'm starting to think that ARM CPUs are going to catch up to Intel before AMD x86 CPUs do. Of course, AMD may be trying to use that to their advantage:
  16. spynoodle

    Pesky browser problems

    I suppose you could try disabling the Battlelog Game Launcher to see if that helps, although it seems like that's not your problem. You should probably try downloading and running Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything. Do you currently have any sort of antivirus outside of Windows Defender...
  17. spynoodle

    Pesky browser problems

    Have you recently installed any programs that could have installed a malicious/unwanted add-on in both Chrome and IE? In Chrome, navigate to both Chrome://extensions and Chrome://plugins in the address bar and give us a readout of each page.
  18. spynoodle

    Can/Should i overclock?

    All the various levels of Corsair CX units generally go pretty cheap on Newegg, especially when they offer them on sale or with rebates. The CX500 that johnb35 mentioned is going for only $30 with rebate right now...
  19. spynoodle

    Installing Windows 8 on a Pentium 4 Computer.

    I wouldn't give up so quickly on your Celeron D computer; Celeron D's are really just 65nm Pentium 4's with less cache, and most Celeron D's should be faster than a Northwood Pentium 4. More importantly, however, Celeron D's should support NX. What are the complete specs of your other computer...
  20. spynoodle

    vista or XP?

    Ideally, you should either just upgrade whichever one you buy to Windows 7 or 8, or install a Linux distribution. What are the specs of each computer? Specs matter more than what OS is currently installed.