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  1. ShoringFan

    Windows 7 will be named Windows 7

    and 7 is also my lucky number
  2. ShoringFan

    Windows 7 will be named Windows 7

    the layout seems like Office 2007. :)
  3. ShoringFan

    Weird Windows Vista Icon Problem

    maybe some problems with ur ICON set are caused by uninstall that program, just try to reinstall it, and use it to default system style.
  4. ShoringFan

    The Sidebar in Windows Vista...Gone?

    when u ran sidebar.exe manually, was there a "sidebar.exe" process in ur "Win Task Manager"? if dont have it, maybe some files were damaged as u said. why dont copy a new sidebar from other, or just use Vista setup disk to repair it.
  5. ShoringFan

    how to disable prompts in vista

    Close "User Accounts Control"
  6. ShoringFan

    how to disable prompts in vista

    Close "User Accounts"
  7. ShoringFan

    Make xp faster or leave it?

    Make it faster, then leave it, If you dad will use it
  8. ShoringFan

    Where is SP1?

    :rolleyes:I just agree that it can improve the speed of file transfers
  9. ShoringFan


    I dont think the installation depends DOS, if you confirm there is no problem in CMOS(the order option), I suggest you to try this cd in your old computer
  10. ShoringFan

    Gaming system: Vista 64 or XP

    XP, expect some games need DirectX 10
  11. ShoringFan


    Just need a XP disc, then take it in the DVD-ROM before you reboot
  12. ShoringFan

    Notepad loosing text

    Did you change the FONT?
  13. ShoringFan

    vista SP1 wont let me select aero

    What's the version of VISTA?
  14. ShoringFan

    I want a new OS...

    Correct RAM may be not enough :( HD,CPU,etc.
  15. ShoringFan

    annoying vista problem

    A power supply problem.
  16. ShoringFan

    Is this worth $13,499.00

    Both links dead. :( ' Your session has timed out after a period of inactivity. Please return to the Store Menu to continue shopping. '
  17. ShoringFan

    Browser reversing

    Why not try to use another mouse. If still happen, change a browser.:rolleyes:
  18. ShoringFan

    So did I.. ;)
  19. ShoringFan

    can anyone figure out my pc problem?

    Trying another motherboard, and still use old graphics cards.
  20. ShoringFan


    Making a program icon? :confused: Photoshop OR just want to add a icon to your program?