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    About game servers!

    Well , i have thinked about this problem for 2 months and havent figured out how i can make a server for a game.(counter-strike) (shaiya)Ive got all teh files and tutorials! But is it even possible to make a private server with Local Area Conncetion 2 and im also sharin the internet but the...
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    Okay but my friend got a problem starting a Colin mcraer 4 error says: couldnt fiond any 3d graphics! i have downloaded the nvidia and ati drivers but got an error that someking software or hardware is not compatible with the driver or it has not found! SORRY MY BAD ENGLISH!
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    Does anyon eknow how to increase my Local Area Connection speed i get download only with 50kb/s and if i do speedtest it shows me 400kb/s! And im also sharing an internet! But its the same speed always even if they turn off the comp!
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    How to Build a Computer - Step by Step (With Photos)

    Too hard for me im only 13 years old but i have my old motherboard! Dunno what to do with that!