2nd HDD for storage..can i make it active only when using it?

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by dazco, Jul 3, 2004.

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    I'm desperite for an answer, so if you don't know it, even a suggestion as to how to find the answer would be appriciated. I have googled myself to death tryig to find out if there is a way to make the new HDD i bought as a second storage drive to spin down and become inactive after i access it. I will only need it for a few minutes a week, and to have it spinning all the time is counterproductive to all the work i went to to quiet my new rig down, not to mention it'll shorten it's lifespan by 1000 fold since it only will be used about 1000/th of the time the pc is turned on. I asked at the place i bought it and they told me it would only spin when accessed, then spin down within minutes. That just ain't happening ! And i was not going to buy one if that wasn't the case. Power options in control panel only works with the C drive. (this is XP pro bt the way) Is there at least a 3rd party solution if not in windows itself? Please, if you have any ideas i'm desperite. Thanks.
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    1. By the time you actually come close to the lifespan of the drive it will be time for a new computer let alone harddrive
    2. Spinning the drive up and down can actually cause damage depending on how you do it.

    To actually go about doing what you are thinking of doing (short of manually unplugging it), you might try disabling the drive in Device Manager ... that might do the trick: i've never done that and wouldnt reccomend it to most people but it might work: use caution however :)

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