4k montior with hdr


I'm looking at getting a 4k montior, possibly with hdr. When I read about hdr it always talks about brightness and how that plays a critical role. My question is if I don't typically have it too bright does that limit what hdr will do for me? The main reason for it is to play games with ps5. I tried setting it up with a 4k TV I had and I didn't see any difference. Unless I'm doing something wrong.


Usually monitors have less nits (max brightness) than TVs, since the viewing distance is so short. Eye damage from brightness is a major consideration when designing a monitor.

Since radiation disperses, including light waves, at a known rate, a person sitting closer to a monitor with less nits can get the same amount of brightness to their eyes as a much brighter television, but sitting much farther away compared to a monitor at a desk.