8th gen with 8GB Ram or 7th Gen with 16 GB Ram?

I want to buy DELL XPS 13 laptop. But i have 2 choices. First is the Intel's 8th generation processor with 8GB Ram and the second is 7th generation with 16 Gb Ram. So what u think is more better. I've heard that 8th gen is more faster and better then 7th, but what about ram? I cant get 8th gen with 16 ram. So please help me. What will be a better choice for me as a future network engineer and kinda i want to use VM with Linux to learn. Thanks for all.


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What CPU's are they? Like, if the Gen 8 CPU is a lower tier i5, and the gen 7 is a high tier i5 (or even i7) i might go for the gen 7.
But if they are similar to each other in terms of "mid, high or top tier" i would go for the gen 8.

Remember you can install more ram in the laptop, but you can't install a next gen CPU.

8 gig RAM is enough for most people.
I know you said virtual mashine, and with that it's always good with more ram.
But i still think 8 is good enough, and if not, you can upgrade it for fairly cheep.
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What's preventing you from doing both?

You can always upgrade the RAM later if 8gb is short, .how many vms are you looking to run? Something like gns3 and running a few IOU images (IOS on Unix) suck up ram really fast, same with Cisco VIRL.

Also what's bringing you into networking? Myself and a few others here are network engineers by trade.


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Gross. I've seen some instances of that with a single DIMM slot but not 100% soldered. Good to know.
Yea, most ultrabooks offer zero expand ability nowadays. Yet they still charge you an arm and a leg for higher capacity RAM and SSD space. The price gouging is ludicrous.