A basic guide to Premiere.


P.I Dragon
Looks like it could turn out to eb quite good, although one tip from me, dont use Times New Roman as a font.... anything is better than that, its a staple sign of a poorly built ametuer-ish site. Which I'm sure is nto the look you're going for...

Try Verdana or Tahoma



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OK, I took your suggestion, dragon, and added some more to the page as well. I've made some progress but still need to add more. Hehe, hence the blank areas and partly typed sections...

I'm going to the class that I'm doing this for...I'm quite excited to see what they think of it as I know I'm going beyond what's required...


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I got some feedback on my page and I have WAAAY too much for the project. He wants something much more simplified. Of course I'm not going to totally ditch what I have, but the above link won't have all the info it previously had... Basically I'm just going to explain photos and MAYBE exporting. No video, capturing, video/audio effects(besides transitions...) etc etc. Maybe later I'll add to my document and have a full one.