A Real Head Scratcher

In my living room/den area is my WIFI setup. I have an HP laptop in there as well. In my bedroom I have an ACER CB. I like to watch PLUTO TV on both.
But, here's where it gets weird. I can catch every channel of PTV on my CB. On my HP I can catch every channel except for 1. Now, it gets even weirder. On the 1 channel that I can't catch on my HP, I can get the commercials! WTH? I have tried it on AOL, GOOGLE, and Microsoft Edge. Still, commercials only, no shows. I have rebooted, unplugged my modem and router, tried standing on my head, all to no avail.
What am I missing here?


Staff member
It does sound weird. I didn't look it up but maybe 1 is PLUTO Holy Grail and it can only be seen on I device. Call PLUTO and see what they say.