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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by ViperGTS19801, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. ViperGTS19801

    ViperGTS19801 New Member

    My friend has a very nice Compaq desktop with a 60G hard drive. However, she couldn't get the bloody thing to start. It's obvious that it's a hard drive problem so I took the disk to my house and plugged her into one of the spare ports. Now MY computer wouldn't boot. I tried something else which wasn't too smart on my part, and I booted normally THEN plugged her in. It killed the comp. It won't even power up now.

    HELP!! please? :(
  2. Will

    Will New Member

    Ooh dear. You may have killed the power supply AND completely ****ed the H/D. Bad move, you can get away with plugging the likes of fan's and cathode's in, but not anything like that.

    get a new PSU, and let's hope that all that has been killed.
  3. Fure6

    Fure6 New Member

    i'm sorry but it sounds like you're fu<ked!! I think that's how i destroyed my fathers first laptop now to think of it...i never knew how i did it, but now i do.
  4. Alin.s

    Alin.s New Member

    not good you fried your powersupply and maybe evn your processor get a new Computer.
  5. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    All might not be doom and gloom (although it seems like it). I've had people plug brand new HDDs into live systems and have them detected on the fly (ATA100 drives mind you) -- its not reccomended but in exceptional cases, you can get away with it :p

    When you hit the power, what happens? Does the CPU fan kick in? Does the PSU fan kick in? Do any LEDs on the mobo light up? Depending on your PSU (like the one ive got), you may have to disconnect the PSU for ~30 seconds before trying again (i.e., unplug it completely). Let me/us know how those tests go and we'll go from there, I would suspect you only need to replace the PSU (but test everything else thoroughly)
  6. roy

    roy New Member

    Hmmm someone that thinks Compaq provide nice computers :eek:
  7. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    LOL OEMs do occasionally make very good systems (i.e., XPS) :p

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