AdBlock Asking for Money

Occasionally I get this message when using AdBlock and I want to k now if it's real? Considering it's free, I actually don't mind donating a little bit because of how effective it is, but I just don't want to be scammed.
Yes, I realize it's not to buy. But the fact I've been using it for years for free, I don't mind sending something their way, as long as it's for real. With that being said, is unblock origin something you recommend over AdBlock? So far I've been pretty happy with AdBlock.
its safe, i donated years ago, ive been thinking of donating again recently.

i haven't watched an ad on youtube for years, i love ad block,

i disable it on websites i like

i didn't know about ublock, i might have to give that a try and change to them if they are better


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for the record i never had AdBlock ask for donation or money and have used for years now.