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What are his/her requirements...i.e;
-Max Run length? (Distance to furthest camera from receiver)
-Number of Cameras?
-B&W or Colour cameras?
-Constant Recording &/or Time-lapse(instead of 24f/s, is less...strobe affect...uses less storage)

Pro's of Wireless cameras;
-Don't have to run signal cables
-Easy to re-position.

-Have to individually power each camera(instead of having just the receiver powered by a UPS and on-powering the cameras)
-Interference by other wireless devices such as cordless phones.
-Higher chance of signal interception/snooping
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He was first looking at one setup for $500 with the wireless camera setup. I think he realizes that an ac hookup at eaxh location will be needed. That system was self contained where you could store a week's worth of video footage in the "box" as he described it. That would entail some large capacity drives and extreme compression.

He is currently running a Socket 939 Asus model board with a pair of Corsair xms series dimms and an AMD 3800+ X2 cpu. One problem I discussed with him was the need for one or more additional drives due to the single 80gb ide drive installed. The system looked over at the link there includes four cameras as well the main pci adapter card and softwares for live feed as well as recording direct to disk.

His main concern was going wireless to see at least four installed at different points. Due to being physically impaired with his wife working full time he needs a surveilance for keeping an eye on the kids as well as an effective security measure. But his budget is rather tight. He will be satisfied with a B+W setup as far as reocrding. The motion detection is one feature that caught attention there. The ability to burn footage to dvd was another.


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I'm not sure of what Wireless systems are available at the moment, however regarding the space requirements...
If the system can use Motion Detection & Time-Shift recording at the same time it would help...that way the system will only record once it sees movement and will do it in a low frame rate to use less space.
You should also check with the manufacture as to if it can loop only keeps a certant amount of footage in memory then when it gets full will write over the oldest and so on.

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One item added to ponder on was the idea of locating a system for hidden not visible cameras. He doesn't want the kids getting at them or cords being cut. I then mentioned the usual increase in overall costs to have someone professional come in and set it up! But getting some advice on super thin cameras with wide angle viewing is one item to add here.

The idea of overwritting with a constant loop wouldn't be the best idea there. The start/stop method with motion detection and video compression for upto three days if not a full week for later review is the main feeling. This way if anything comes up with his of the neighbor's kids bleming each other there is something there to burn to dvd.