Background processes - win 11


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Hey everyone,
I have an hp envy x360 and use it for school and gaming, but lately it has been a little bit slow. I checked the task manager and found that it is running upwards of 120 background processes. How do i make it so that it only runs what is absolutely necessary? When playing video games it cant handle much more than the game


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Without knowing its exact specs, there are many different models of that. Open task manager and see which column is maxed out. It's either gonna be ram, disk or cpu. Click on the column that is the highest so it sorts its by most used. 123 background processes does seem quite high though. My desktop only has 63. You probably need to stop any unnecessary programs from running at bootup that is not needed. Click on the startup tab in task manager and disable any you don't want running. Do you have an antivirus program installed? Most of the them will use up a lot of resources.