Battlefield 2042 cpu bottleneck?

I Actually like this game so far but I have a bottleneck in 128 player maps that's really bugging me, does anyone else get this?
My FPS is pretty much the same from ultra to low (20-40), the only way I can get close to 60 fps is by lowering the resolution to 1024x768 with 25% scaling
My specs are in signature
This thread can be considered resolved now but for anyone else having an issue I was able to double my fps (at 1440p of all things) doing the following

1. Creating a user.cfg in the game directory with the following lines (note the first two depend on your specific cpu, mine has 6 cores and 12 threads. the first is the core count and the second is mostly hit/miss depending on how many threads you have. I found from a reddit post from someone with the same cpu that 7 worked better for this value and it works well for me)

Thread.ProcessorCount 6
Thread.MaxProcessorCount 7
Thread.MinFreeProcessorCount 0
Thread.JobThreadPriority 0

2. Turning GstRender.Dx12Enabled to 1 and setting GstRender.ShadowQuality to 0 in PROFSAVE_profile. this is in the 2042 folder where your documents folder islocated

3. DLSS enabled, i like balanced but performance is a trade off between quality and slightly higher fps

I found these three things make 2042 more playable, in my case it nearly doubled fps (20-40 fps to 40-60)