Beeps on post but starts fine

I have a Gigabyte Z590 motherboard and in the morning when I turn my PC on for the first time it beeps 5 times. Has done it for the last 2 days. After a quick google search it seems 5 beeps means a CPU issue, however my PC starts and runs fine. Can anyone recommend and tests I can do to find out if there is really a problem with the CPU or locate the real problem? Cheers
Did you upgrade your gpu?
On some gigabyte boards (particularly the 490 and the 390) five beeps are also sounded when the gpu does not detect a monitor but it is usually nothing to worry about if that is the case
There's a few with that same issue
Gigabyte should really be clarifying this imo since it's ambiguous having a code with two different meanings
If you want to check your cpu you could run a stress test, there's a few that are available like prime95
Possibly, it seems to be centered around when a monitor or an output device isn't detected but regardless the cpu should be fine if it's not having any problems


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Do you have any overclocking parameters? It might be failing with those and then booting with known safe values once it fails POST the first time.
can confirm it was the VR headset causing it. I had my HTC Vive plugged in to the display port on my GPU while my monitor is plugged in via HDMI, im guessing the Display Port was primary and during post it was trying to power on the Vive to show the boot screen but without windows being loaded the Vive wont start up at all. I unplugged it before turning my PC on and it fixed the issue.


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Reminds me of the time I was helping a friend install Windows 10 on a machine with a Vive hooked up. Would boot the USB and then get a black screen loading up the ISO. After 30 minutes I finally noticed a bit of light coming from his headset laying on the ground. Put it on, and wouldn't you know it there was the Windows setup screen.

Never seen it cause POST issues though. Maybe a shorted USB port?