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  1. Psychoe

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    I recently got back from a trip and took pictures and video. I am curious if I can burn them in a way to play both the videos and show the pictures on my DVD player. Any help?
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    If you have a DVD burner, you should have received software to master DVDs. If you only have a CD burner you should be able to create (S)VCDs... but check that your DVD player can play them first.
  3. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Not if the drive was purchased OEM :p

    In addition to an encoder like CCE or TMPGEnc, have a look at something like DVDLab for authoring. Theoretically Nero Vision Express can do the job all in one application -- but it's buggy and unstable :) Even if you've just got a CD burner, you can encode them to DVD and burn them as MiniDVDs (i.e., DVD format burned on a CD -- the cost is you can only fit ~21 minutes or so per disc but hey, whatever works for you!)

  4. flip218

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    I have no problem using Nero Vision Express. I find it very easy to use. You just add your photos, add any audio if you want, pick your transitions and burn :)

    One thing ... don't use +/- RW media. Some standalones don't like/read RW media. You can test on a RW but to play on standalone you'll want to use +/- R media.
  5. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    And even more specifically, even though its not much of a problem anymore, some of the older players dont like +R(W) media much so if you're tailoring to older players, -R is prolly the best route :)

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