Can you install an ad blocker on Edge in Kiosk Mode?


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I live in a complex of flats where we have one communal computer in order to access the Internet. For years it was using Google Chrome, and there was an ad blocker extension, so we got no distracting popups, and Youtube videos were never interrupted with ads. But then our housing provider changed the browser to Edge, and configured it to be in 'Kiosk Mode'. Now, there are popups all over the place, and every Youtube video has lots of ads.

I found that Edge has its own ad blocker, and asked my housing provider if they would install it, but their IT department claim that you can't install an ad blocker on Edge if it's in Kiosk Mode. I don't know much about computers, but this sounds a bit strange to me. Is the IT department correct?

I think the OS is Windows 8, but Kiosk Mode prevents me from doing any sort of check.