celeron 500


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ok i have an old celeron 500,xp pro,and i want to put a 60 go. western digit
al hd on it,but it look like he doesnt reconise it ..
need help here!!


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First of all check if the HDD jumper setting is ok (master or slave).
If this a new HDD and is detected by BIOS but you cannot see it in Windows then it's probably unformatted.
But if it's not detected at all then probably your motherboard doesn't support that large hard drive.
What motherboard you have?


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Is celereon the processer your always advised not to buy?
Well in most cases yes because it is the budget oriented proc but then again not everyone is born in 5 feet of gold to be able to afford the full-out P4 and may not be aware or want an AMD which will be much more cost effectvie.

More onsubject, japh9, what mobo do you have? To find out, run CPUz and check under the mainboard tab (http://www.cpuid.com)