Certain Sites Won't Open


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I have a dozen "forums" bookmarked and I view each one several times a week. As of about a week ago 3 of these sites will not open. (this one included). When I click on the link it opens for a fraction of a second, and then goes blank and will not open the whole way. This issue just started one day, and prior to that day I have not made any deliberate changes to the computer or software.

I am running Windows 10 and using AOL Desktop Gold. McAfee is the virus software. I have been using AOL for 25 years and don't intend to change. It contains my business email, plus literally hundreds of bookmarked sites. According to the setup it is using MS Edge as the browser. I am only accessing this site now because I opened Edge separately.

I have downloaded a current version of Edge. I checked my firewall. I cleared my cashe. I intended to do a restore, but I have no restore points before the issue.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA


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Well if edge can open the websites your only explanation would be AOL. Try removing all extensions if it even allows extensions to the browser. AOL has been dead for years.


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The solution is truly to use something else.
OK, I have about 50 active paying customers and literally hundreds of business cards out there with my email and web site. How much trouble would it be to locate them all to tell them about my new email address?


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Cool, that's your own fault, but email and your website are separate components than what you're talking about.
I have downloaded a current version of Edge
This was already installed. If something works in another browser but not AOL, it's probably AOL.