Computer Parts


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Amazon/MicroCenter/Newegg/B&H on occasion for new, there's a few other vendors like Tigerdirect but I haven't shopped there in a hot minute.

There's a reasonable amount of parts on Mercari/eBay and occasionally FB Marketplace, although there's a lot of scammy trash on FB as well.


I have used Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect, and Ebay. Most recently, on Ebay, I purchased a now discontinued printer, a new case fan, a new Corsair dual SSD bracket (for relatively cheap), and a used GPU. Overall, I have been satisfied with my purchases and even more satisfied with the savings. It pays to be a little careful, but keeping an eye on the seller's ratings helps in that regard. I use Amazon the most, because it's much easier to find what you need, and their returns are, for the most part, fairly hassle free.