Computer won't start


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Hello everyone. Yesterday, my pc showed the blue screen of death and powered off. Now the only thing that appears is the HP logo and text saying 'preparing automatic recovery'.

I tried pressing f11 to access system recovery but after doing so the HP logo and the text 'wait' appear. Nothing else happens.

Please help I have an assignment due in three days.


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But my point is if you have data on the drive that is important to you, you don't want to be screwing around with it yourself. Have someone remove the drive and copy your data to usb media. There could be a few different reasons why its doing this but If its working fine and then blue screens, then you can pretty much assume there is an issue with the drive. A windows update could cause this but would usually only happen upon rebooting the machine after the update. If you need this in a hurry then my advice would be to have someone look at it now. If it is a failing hard drive then they can have it replaced and back up running in a matter of hours. Or you can wait and have people on a forum tell you what to try and it take days and you won't get no where. If you knew what to diagnose then your first step would be a hard drive diagnostic but again, if there is data on that drive that you need then don't wait to get it of that drive before it totally fails. Then its too late. Even doing a diagnostic on a drive can make it fail permanently.