CPU cooling


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I have an Athlon 64 x2 5600+ with the heatsink that came with it... the thing is I have a side vent on my case thats supposed to line up with my cpu but its about an inch or 2 to the left of where it should be. So two things... is the stock heatsink good or is it one of those things where the stock one should always be replaced by an aftermarket? second... should i rig something (tubing of some sorts) to connect the top of the heatsink to the bottom of the vent so it blows straight out of the case or does it matter because i have two 120mm case fans blowing through the system anyways? Would these help the temps of my comp and cpu in general or would the effort not be worth the results?



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if your case have the good enough back exhaust fan you can get the zalman 9500 am2 that will work well with the fan.