Days Gone

Discussion in 'Computer Games and Consoles' started by T-Wrecks, May 24, 2019.

  1. T-Wrecks

    T-Wrecks New Member

    I am enjoying this game to a degree, but it is very hard. There are also a lot of stupid glitches. At one point, I found a cave and it was inaccessible, as if somebody had built a wall over the entranceway. After I looked online, I read that restarting the game sorted out the problem.

    Another bug occurred after I had defeated a mob of Freakers with a woman helping me, and I could not proceed because one was heard still growling, and I couldn't see it anywhere. After going back to the same part, the issue was rectified. I killed them all and I could proceed.

    The game is very tedious in general, as you have to do similar missions for residents of multiple camps. But I do think that hurts it a lot. It may be a lot like other games out now, but it is more repetitive.
  2. Harley Ben

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    No first update? I am planning to get it from store now. Is it really like the way it was shown in e3 sometime back? No downgrades like ubisoft games?

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