*Facepalm* need a new case


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So I bought a new i5 2500k, a msi p67a-c43 mobo, and 8 gigs of ram. But the problem here is that the mobo does not fit in my current case. I was wondering if anyone had any good brands/cases suggestions for about 100$ (preferably with a side window).


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You may want to think about looking at a local computer store so you do not have to wait for the case to ship to you.


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One way or another, i am going to settle with the LanCool PC-K62. hehe anyway i have exams to study for, so right now the wait means nothing and props to 2048megabytes for having two of the best OS's in the universe!


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I really like Ubuntu 10.04 but my system using it is presently out of commission. The power supply fan was making strange noises and so I shipped it back to the manufacturer. Hopefully they do a good job repairing the power supply. The costs are covered under warranty. I am just hoping they don't have it for over a week. I have owned the power supply a little over two years and it cost me $80 when I bought it. Hopefully I get at least another two years of use out of it.


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One way or another, i am going to settle with the LanCool PC-K62.

You'll love it. It's got so much room and it's pretty good for cable management. All of the fans are a plus too, so your system will run nice and cool. My favorite part is the tool-less HDD bays. The drives just snap in and the rubber washers keep them from making excess noise.

Just stripped mine down today and cleaned it all out and rerouted some cables.


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good case on the cheap that should fit most stuff... antec 300 illusion to me is a good bet.

The Antec 300 has a really bad cable management,I have read in a lot of reviews and many people are facing the same problem with the cable management.


I have the tempest evo. It's huge and has a side window. It also comes with 6 fans built in. I love the case.