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  1. GalaxyDreamer90

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    Hi I hope this is okay to post. I'm just wondering what's everyone's gamertag. I know there was a post like this already but it doesn't seem to be around anymore. Anyway if anyone wants to add me feel free to add me. I play more on my playstation 4 then my xbox one and PC though. I keep all my gamertags the same so people can easily find me.

    PS4: GalaxyDreamer90
    Xbox: GalaxyDreamer90

    Steam: GalaxyDreamer90
    Epic Games: GalaxyDreamer90
    Origin: GalaxyDreamer90

    Discord: GalaxyDreamer90#4963
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  2. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Active Member

    I think it's ok... don't quote me on that though.

    Here's some of mine:

    Discord: Zavexeon#2862 (pretty sure that's the right id)
    Xbox: Zavexeon (don't have Live atm.)
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  3. Mateo Gonz

    Mateo Gonz New Member

    I play mostly on PC, may add you on steam later though :D
  4. digzu

    digzu New Member

    digzu#7055 on Discord.
    And yeah, this thread is a good idea IMO :p

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