getting two for the price of two


This may be as close to a newbie question as I have had for a while. Here's the deal: I purchased two speakers. One is a set that has a USB connection and a plug that fits in an audio jack. The other is a soundbar that plugs into the USB port. There is no audio jack with this one. I purchased both to use them together. But, here's the problem. I turned both speakers on, but only one will play (usually the soundbar). When I turn the soundbar off by the power button, the other speaker will begin to play. The soundbar also adjust the sound level of my computer when I push the volume buttons on the soundbar. The other pair, that has a dial, does not do that.

Is it possible to get both speakers to play? I've opened up the sound dialog box, via the control panel, and tried some things to no avail. I'd appreciate any help.


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Assuming the computer detects the soundbar as an audio output? Unfortunately you can only have 1 output at a time. Your soundbar is gonna have the better sound by far compared to usb powered speakers.


Dang it!

Okay. But, thank you for the answer. At least now I know. You have saved me hours of trying to figure it out.