Got an ANNOYING (but not too serious) virus nothing gets rid of!


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Dear Anyone.

This 'virus' comes up as, but if you try going to that site it's not there any more. It's got one little bunch of ads. it goes through over and over again, first of all it pretends to be McAfee and tells you you've got 200 viruses, then it pretends it's just encrypted all your data, then it pretends it's a portal to a porn site, then it tells you Gordon Ramsay's lost all his money, then it starts again from the top!

No it doesn't encrypt anything, it's living in its own little fantasy world. I've Malwarebyted, Clam Antivirused, Hitman Pro-ed and Avast Free-d and none of them have gotten rid of it. Anyone got any ideas as to what I could chuck at it next? I don't think it's going to become anything bad because its control website's gone. I just want it to go too! It's popping up every 30 seconds!

It's just come up with a new one. Full Face Transplant is Real! I think it knows me too well - but having SAID that, I'd still rather it left, it's outstayed its welcome!

Yours frustratedly



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Adwcleaner (owned by Malwarebytes but a different product) is good for getting out the less malicious but still annoying stuff like that.


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Could you try using a Windows restore point? It's not as drastic as a reinstall, but should revert your pc to a time before the virus.


I'd look at the registry and do a search for
I'd be interesting if that pops up in the registry file.

Also, you might want to do a search on malware that hides in the BIOS. Those can be very difficult to get rid of, since they can even survive a reflashing, some how.