GPU for Asus H61M-CS MOBO


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I want to upgrade my old computer as it is running very laggy now a days. It's old enough and I actually don't want to scrap it out. The system has Asus H61M-CS motherboard powered with Intel Pentium Dual Core G2020 2.9GHz processor. It has got HyperX Fury 8GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM with no graphics card installed on the Mobo. I am using a 4k display through a VGA to HDMI converter, which makes the viewing worst. The unit has Zebronics ZEB-N450W power supply.

Please suggest me some upgrade without replacing the Mobo or CPU so that the lagginhess can somewhat be rectified. And also suggest me some budget GPU for better viewing experience and video editing/rendering works mainly. In that case if replacement in PSU is essential, please advise me the same.


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About the only thing you can do is add an SSD as your boot drive, but your motherboard only supports sata 3 not sata 6 so the increased speed won't be as good. But to be honest, its time for a new computer. Your cpu is really holding you back as well, its only a dual core dual thread cpu. Nowadays you need at least a quad core. If you could find a I5-3470, I5-3550 or I5-3570 on ebay that would help. But again to be honest, i wouldn't even mess with this and save money for a better system. If you are gonna be video editing/rendering then a new system with at least 16gb of ram, SSD boot drive, 6-8 core cpu, and a decent video card. Start saving your money.


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H61M supports higher end CPUs than that, you could slot in a 3570 or something fairly inexpensively, the iGPU is roughly like 20% better moving up from the G2020 to i5/i7, in addition to gaining more CPU cores. Realistically getting off of VGA would be a good play, so a dedicated low-end card for those video functions and playback would probably be the best for that situation.

But, to be honest, you get a lot more value for your investment by rolling that expense into something more modern. The G2020 came out in 2013.