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Hey guys, i need help.
I have asus notebook. I got it 2 yrs ago and didnt use it (only few times some internet search). Then kids did something, and i had to install windows again. Everything was ok, working-still didnt use it. And then out of the blue, blue screen CRITICAL PROCES DEAD. Computer restart. And from than i always get BIOS screen, or troubleshoot screen. I dont have any space on it (only 14gb). Hard disk is attached.

What can i do? Buy new one, or there is a chance to get back 1T? I cant get in windows, because i cant install one.


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Whats the full model number of the laptop? Sounds like the hard drive took a dump on you.
Per Microsoft
This indicates that a critical system process died. A critical process is one that forces the system to bug check if it terminates. This can happen when the state of the process is corrupted or otherwise is damaged. When this happens, as these processes are critical to the operation of Windows, a system bug check occurs as the operating system integrity is in question.
Given the length of time the drive's been inactive, it wouldn't suprise me if the drive itself failed; the nature of the error and it's context implies either corruption or damage
Unfortunately drives don't last forever, both ssd's and mechanical hard drives can fail after a period of inactive time either due to bit rot or loss of magnetic orientation
If there's anything absolutely critical on the drive you could try sending it out to get it recovered but recovery is expensive and not guaranteed