Hardrive problem


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:mad: hi group. i have a 60GB HDD in my computer as the primary slave drive, with no operating system, whitch i use to store about 16gb of music that took me a long time to collect and i really really dont wanna loose. and of course, it is broken. it loads on the bios, it detects it in the operating system, as in it will show up in my computer, it just will not let me open it. when i try, it says:
"E:/ is not accesible. the wrong diskete is in the drive. insert (volume serial number) into drive E:/." I have run the windows recovery disc, and have done the old chkdsk /p, but was told that "the volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems." Also, when i select the drives properties, it says that it is in RAW format, and that there is 0mb used and 0mb free. Obviously the solution long term is to format the drive and start again, but i really dont want to loose the documents. Occasionally, when i boot (using the other hdd, the one with the OS) i am told that windows wants to check the file system on D:/MEDIA. This is the label of my HDD and i get awfully excited thinking that at last it has recogised it! but, of course, it tells me i now have "a corrupt master file table." Any thoughts and solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, John Griffiths.