Help! Cant read hard drive!


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Hi All! I have what I think is a common problem but have not yet found a solution. I have added second hard drive that has critical data on it from another computer to my new computer. I installed XP on a FAT32 formatted boot drive on the new computer and the second drive was picked up, but I cannot view the data on the second drive i.e. it is not visible in Explorer. In Device Manager the drive is there and in Computer management it also shows up but is displayed as 'unallocated'. The boot drive was originally formatted as FAT32 so I converted it to NTFS using Partition Magic but this still doesn't solve the problem. I used a disk recovery program to scan the disk and the data is definately there but can't use the program to recover the data 'cos it is a trial version! What's gone wrong? How can I get access to the data on the second drive? Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



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By second drive do you mean "second drive" or do you mean "second partition"? :)