How do you make a backup with no cd burner?


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Toshiba 470 CDT, works good now, bought it cheap on Ebay, "blue screen of death", then restored, printing, accepted "word" "excell", it's now working great. How can I make a backup disk for this since it doesn't have a cd burner or floppy disk? I have another (good) computer. Can I send stuff to it, or can I do it through the usb with a storage device? If so, how much storage would be required?


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Are you running Windows XP?

If so, you should network to your other PC.

Create a boot CD from here:

Burn that with your good PC, (I take it that it has a CD burner) and then pop it into your Toshiba.

Use the tools that come with it to ghost an image of your hard disk to your other PC.

Do that as often as you like, to keep an updated image of you OS and programs on there. Create a network share on your two PC's and manually backup your files on there. (Documents, music, etc..)

You may also consider a USB backup drive for storing files. This will store your OS or programs without a utility like ghost though.
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Thanks Switch,
The little Toshiba is running windows 98 - not sure which.
I'll check that site. Not sure what "ghost" means. A usb backup drive I assume means more than one of those little key chain storage devices.