I'm a noob trying to build my first Desktop

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by worldsenvy, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. worldsenvy

    worldsenvy New Member

    This is the first time I'm assembling my own computer so any help would be appreciated :D.

    I already have the following parts (don’t want to spend more money as they are good enough):

    CPU - Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz with HT
    Motherboard - Intel D865GBF for P4
    DVD/CD drives - 1) Sony Double Layer DVD writer(DVD+-R 8x)
    2) Samsung 52-32-52(for CD) and 16x DVD
    Floppy Drive - Some FDD(does it matter?)
    Hard Disk - 120 GB Samsung
    Memory - 512MB Ram (some cheap one)
    Mouse - Logitech MX 510

    I don’t mind changing the memory from the above list but I would prefer keeping the rest.

    Potential Parts:-

    Case -(1)Anten Super LanBoy case
    (2)RaidMax Scorpio 868 (http://www.pctoyland.com/prod_114.htm)
    (3)Lian Li case

    Keyboard - Logitech Elite Keyboard (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=23-126-114&depa=0)

    Speakers - Creative 5.1 (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=36-116-136&depa=0)

    Sound Card - This is one of the things I’m not at all sure about. The Intel motherboard comes with inbuilt 6 channel audio. I was thinking bout the Audigy 2 ZS (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=29-102-162&depa=0). Do I really need it though? I do play a lot of games like Warcraft3 and Counter Strike, and sound is important in CS but I use headphones for that anyway. And as long as the MOBO's soundcard works fine, I think ill be happy.
    Video Card - I really have no idea what to do about this either. I love playing games but I don’t really want to spend too much on a card coz its not like i play professionally. Any suggestions on a good Video Card. Maybe a Radeon 9800Pro?
    Memory - Probably Dual Channel. What good, cheap companies can i get it from?
    Monitor - Any 17" or 19" LCD Monitor with at least a max res. of 20
    Fans and PSU - Zalman CNPS7000A Fan and Heatsink.
    Not sure about the Power Supply. Any suggestions on that and also LAN card, extra fans, etc. would be cool.

    My Budget is about $1100, for the stuff i still need to buy, and im loking to spend more on the Case and save on the Sound card.

    Thanks in advance to whoever helps :D
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Get either a 512MB or 1GB kit (i.e., two sticks) so you can make use of Dual Channel. Have a look at Corsair's ValueSelect line of sticks

    Whatever pleases you

    You'll be fine with the onboard

    If your budget is in the "just over $200" get the 9800Pro, if its "just under $200" get the 5900XT

    Anything from a solid manufacturer will be fine, Tt, Vantec, Enermax, Antec, PC POwer&Cooling, Ultra etc are all good makes

    A max res of 20 isnt that impressive considering its a 1-dimensinal display.... were you thinking 2048x1536?

    Other Stuff
    Mobo should come with LAN, if it doesnt, dont buy it. As for extra fans, the more the better.
  3. worldsenvy

    worldsenvy New Member

    Praetor : -
    A max res of 20 isnt that impressive considering its a 1-dimensinal display.... were you thinking 2048x1536?

    LoL.. ya i forgot to finish that sentence... I was gonna say 2048x1536 for CRT or 1280x1024 for LCD. How is the Samsung SyncMaster 710N-Ivory 17" LCD Monitor? Its got a Refresh rate of 12ms and max res of 1280x1024 for $385 on newegg. I was hoping for something about $300 or less though.

    And thanks for the help. :D
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  4. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    The LCD is nice .... u sure about the price? (i'm not an LCD guy, hate the damn things ...CRT+triple tube projector for me)
  5. mikelx21

    mikelx21 New Member

    Id say go for the Raidmax scorpio case. You can have up to seven 80mm fans in it, and just make sure you replace the power supply. I personally own the blue 868 model and I have gotten a lot of complements on it. AIM me if you want to see some pictures of it as a finished product...

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