Is there a infrared night vision webcam that is compatible with Windows 8.1?


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Hi there,

I am searching for a infrared night vision webcam, preferably with an in-built microphone, that is compatible with Windows 8.1.
The purpose of the webcam is to record my movements and sounds during sleep.
It would be nice if there was a program that can set the frame rate of the webcam of for instance 1 fps, more is not necessary.

On the internet I read about building one yourself, by simply removing the IR filter from an old webcam. Those old webcams are unfortunately not compatible with Windows 8.1. And I am not eager to open a new webcam, as new webcams are often more expensive. Furthermore, you have to create a good IR light source.

Does anyone know a suitable webcam? As a poor student, I like to not pay too much.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Agent Smith

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I'm pretty sure any webcam would work with Windows 8.

ebay has some, but a lot are from China and when I have ordered from China sometimes it took a month for delivery.

Another option is just look on ebay for a JVC digital camcorder. JVC seems to include a time lapse option in all their models. They have done this since VHS-C. Shouldn't set you back as much as maybe $60. But its not infra red.

Black and white CCD cameras see IR and you can connect that to a video input PCI card on the computer with software. CCD cameras can be found for next to nothing on ebay as well. I have one the size of a quarter.