Over the years, I have had numerous changes in bank account, email addresses, all lost/forgotten information now.
I'm horrible at remembering usernames and passwords. I mean really bad.

Consequently, over the years, I've created and used numerous Gog.com and Steam game purchasing accounts.

Unfortunately, the email addresses expire, which suprised and angered me......yahoo, etc. just kill off an email account if you don't use it frequently.

So, contacting Gog and Steam to say, "Hey, it's me. Can I please have ALL the games I have purchased over he years?" isn't going to work.

Now to the issue at hand......some of these ancient games are installed on a compter that I think is dying.
I get constant BSOD.
Struggling now to save it, but if it really is close to dying, I want to migrate those games to my new computer.

Old computer is Windows 7, new is Windows 10.

One in particular I like is from BigFish publishers, a version of Monopoly. They don't even sell that any more.

At any rate, I'm clueless as to how to move the content to somewhere that I can then play it on the new computer.....I would need explicit instructions, I know very little about computers.


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If you can't pull the files off with an external drive you may need to remove the PC's internal storage and place it in the new computer.

Also I would suggest installing a password manager, too.