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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by DeerParkWater, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. DeerParkWater

    DeerParkWater New Member

    I recently just built a custom computer and am looking to sell it to my friend.

    2.8ghz pentium4 800mhz
    512 mb pc2700 ram
    400W power supply
    128 mb 9600 Radeon video card
    80 gb western digital hard drive 7200rpm
    16x dvdr/52x cdrw
    aluminum atx case
    floppy drive

    How much would you pay for this computer if you were theoretically interested in it.
  2. elektrotek1

    elektrotek1 New Member


    If he doesn't know how to build one, (which I'm assuming is the case) charge $800. It's still worth it.
  3. mickeymouse

    mickeymouse New Member

    $900-$1000... but only cos u used PC 2700... u should have used a motherboard with dual DDR, and 2 x 256Mb tuned corsair PC 3200 sticks of RAM... then i would have given u $1300 maybe... Good luck! :)
  4. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    What make is the memory? the PSU? The opticals? What mobo is this running on? Here's my quick breakdown:

    P4C-2.8 - $175USD
    512MB PC2700 - $100USD
    Radeon9600 - $150USD
    HDD - $70USD
    CASE+PSU+Floppy - $40USD

    So my cost would be $570 plus the cost of the mobo. Anything atop of that is profit. Dont forget to charge labour.
  5. Fure6

    Fure6 New Member

    DarkParkWater- Did you charge the person yet??
  6. DeerParkWater

    DeerParkWater New Member

    Oh the psu is an antec.
    I think the memory is pny. Maybe some other kind.
    And the mobo is a MSI. I don't remember the exact name. But it was $150.
    Praetor, you pretty much broke the costs down pretty well.

    And to Fure. I'm going to get $1000. The equivalent Dell is $1800(that comes with monitor and speakers though). My friend is really willing to pay anything for it. And he said 1000 was really reasonable to him. It was a fun experiance, and I will do it again shortly for myself.
  7. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    $1000 is a fair price .. good money for you, good price for him = satisfied customer
  8. Smallplayer_French_LOL

    Smallplayer_French_LOL New Member

    yep lol exactly ! ( we are almost always agree LOL )

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