"MySpace Banner Ad Infects Million Users"

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Trizoy, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Trizoy

    Trizoy VIP Member

    MySpace Banner Ad Infects Million Users - Yahoo! News

    "This ad is being delivered by ad networks who distribute these ads to over a thousand sites across the Internet in addition to ours. We are working to have these ad networks remove this ad so that they do not appear on our site." -Myspace Security Cheif

    Wow, dont admit that they really did not do anything wrong... Should'nt you filter the ads which are posted to all these millions of users? WTF?

    Im shocked that such a large site could be so blatently wrong, and not take anymore action...

    Check your computers guys/gals.
  2. jp198780

    jp198780 New Member

    ok, soo it's an ad, and if you click it you get Adaware? i dont click ad's anyway, soo im good.
  3. pjk

    pjk New Member

    I believe it. Just keep secure firewalls and run scans on a regular basis, and you should be fine.

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