Need Help w/ Quad Monitor Graphics Card Purchase for HP z420 Desktop


Hi guys, for work purposes I want to have 4 monitors attached to my PC so I can multitask. I am a farily new day trader and would like to have 4 monitors so that I can watch multiple stock market charts live. The desktop I have is an HP z420 workstation with an Intel Xeon E5-1650 @3.2GHz with 32GB of RAM and a 500GB mechanical Hard drive (hard drive will be changed to a 128GB SSD soon). It currently has an NVIDIA Quadro K600 graphics card, but that only allows me to have two monitors attached. I need a budget graphics card that can simply work so that I can watch a total of four 1080p monitors and have my mouse be able to transition between all four monitors without lag or much lag. Is the full height NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 512MB graphics card sufficient for this purpose and also compatible with my HP z420 workstation? I will also purchase a 4 way Amphenol DVI splitter to attach to the card. I originally thought about just getting a second graphics card with 2 additional video ports to add to my K600 graphics card, but I had heard that doing that may cause lag between the monitors when transitioning from one monitor on one graphics card to another monitor on the second graphics card with my mouse. So I thought getting one card that allowed 4 monitors to attach to it would be best. Here is a link to an NVS 420 card that I am considering buying: . They are roughly $20 on eBay plus $15 for the 4 way DVI splitter for a total of $35. Thanks for any help or suggestions
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