Needing help with router bridge mode. Cash reward for solution!


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Hi guys. i'm hoping i can find someone here who knows more about networking than myself.

I have two routers m:
an Asus dsl-ac55u and a TP-Link Archer AX50.

Heres the issue - i need to use one in bridge mode so one can supply the modem functionality and the other can deal with all the wireless connections.

I have looked online for days now tring to find a walkthrough to no avail so i guess someone here might be able to walk me through it.

I'll paypal (or other transfer) £20 to whoever guides me to a solution.

If a few people contribute i might just pay you all!

Any help is greatly appreciated !


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Connecting one to the other by ethernet cable I assume? Both routers can supply wireless if you just want to extend your wireless network to get better signal. Connect cable from Lan port on first router to lan port on second router. The second router needs a different ip then the first one. For instance if first router is ip of then second router should be You also need to disable dhcp and possibly NAT on the second router. This way the first router handles all ips.


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Just for clarity, the method John is outlining - when he says connect to the first LAN port, you want to ignore the WAN port on the second router (the blue one one on either router). You probably only need to disable DHCP this way, as NATing would occur to the WAN port.


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You don't really need bridge mode for that and can do what John described.

Use DSL router as router on edge for routing/NAT
On router #2 disable DHCP on LAN, set a unique LAN IP
Setup desired wifi SSID on Router #2
Connect R#1 to R#2 via LAN ports
Wireless clients will be on the same logical network without double NAT