new parts, now slow???

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Rick G, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    I had to replace my Abit IC7G with a new one (same) and now I cannot overclock the way I used to. I was able to run my 2.4 at 3.0 or more and now cannot o/c at all without black screen.
    I ahve also replaced my old Geil 512 with new OCZ Gold 2x512 and my 3dmark scores have fallen by about 30%.
    Do I have a defective cpu or ???
    I have also changed my psu to a new Antec neo 550.
    Any comments n why so slow now??
  2. Mr.Suave

    Mr.Suave New Member

    could be you got lucky and got a good board that OC'ed well but didnt happen with the new mobo. as for the ram could be that since they run at different timings and such you havent set it to bring out its full potential yet.
  3. Charles_Lee

    Charles_Lee New Member

    do you think the ram matters on 3d marks?

    by the way, next time you buy a new motherboard, try asus, instead of abit

    i have abit motherboard on my old computer, and i don't know if it even allows me to overclock or not;;
  4. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    I guess I have to bone up on RAM settings and adjust, I have it set to spd for now. The old RAM was 3500 and the new is 3200 so suppose there's a difference there but I was hoping that going from 512 to 1 gig would make up the difference.
    Any recommendations on ram settings to try??
    The only real change to the system was the ram change so I would have to say the ram makes a difference in 3dmark scores.
    I have built quite a few computers and have tried Asus, MSI and Abit along with a few others and always come back to the Abit boards for socket 478 and MSI for socket 939. Don't like Asus, sorry.
    I think its just time for a new computer build with AMD with 7800GTX, just have to decide on a mobo.

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