New PC build, slow download speeds

drummer 412

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I just upgraded my mobo, cpu, ram, and fresh win10 home install. I am now getting extremely slow download speeds while downloading games
I have changed every setting I can think of in windows and router settings (disabling firewall on my router for the pc did help a little)
Did multiple online speed tests and they all show my speed to be correct 25MB/s, and web browsing seems to be the same it always has been.
on my old system I would see roughly 12-16 MB/s download speeds and now i'm averaging 1.5MB/s with some spikes to 3MB/s
I have double checked, and there are no data caps enabled anywhere.

system specs
ryzen 5600x
msi b550 A-pro motherboard
16gb ram
2060 super

I have also reinstalled the ethernet driver and uninstalled msi dragon center neither of those things helped. i also ran system file checker it found nothing. disabled windows defender - no change. Im stumped lol


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Are you sure you are measuring correctly? If you are currently getting 25mbps then your download speed will only be roughly be 3.12mb/s

drummer 412

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my internet download speed is 200 megabits per second. I was just referring to all the speeds in megabytes per second in my original post because I find it less confusing lol

drummer 412

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Finally figured it out. the problem was MSI dragon center, but apparently uninstalling the program is not enough. I had to reinstall and turn off the LAN Manager option.