No internet access but connected (LAN and WLAN)


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Hi folks

I have a strange behaviour since yesterday evening and might need your help.

Around 18:00 yesterday evening, My Desktop PC somehow lost connection to the router. It was connected by LAN, but also has a WLAN card built in. I was working in a Citrix-environment and just got a disconnect and reconnect. Since I was just finishing an E-Mail and somehow in a hurry to leave the house, I just didn't worry about it. Sent the E-Mail, left the house and checked on my mobile that the Mail was sent successfully.

Today the problems are more severe. After starting and restarting the PC and router, I have now no internet access with my PC.
I have confirmed that I am connected to the routher and that I can see different PC's in the network using the PING command in CMD. Also my Windows claimes that I am "connected" via LAN.
  • I cannot access any page on the internet using a browser (tried different browsers)
    This includes trying to connect to the routher itself
    Windows Network Diagnostics when trying to connect to a Website claims "The DNS server isn't responding".
  • I cannot PING any URL using CMD

I still can connect to my NAS in my Network and the connection works with no problem on all other devices (Laptops, Mobile, TV, etc).

I tried the following CMD commands on my desktop PC (didn't help):
Ipconfig /flushdns
Ipconfig /registerdns
Ipconfig /release
Ipconfight /renew

What configuration might cause the problem? Any idea?

Thanks in advance!


edit: The Problem must be on my PC and not the router. Other devices work fine using WLAN and my Desktop PC also does not work using my Mobile Phone as a hotspot...
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I just remembered, that I installed Windows Sandbox a few days ago. I did not do much in Sandbox, just tested out a programm I had already installed on my PC (so no risk of damaging something).

This is the only change I made in the last couple of weeks, so I uninstalled Windows Sandbox. After uninstalling the Sandbox and restarting the PC everything works fine.

The Problem is gone, but I would still like to understand what the issue was. Why would Windows Sandbox, even it is not active, disturb my internect connection?