Non secure form warning


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I was just wondering if anyone could provide information as to why I received this warning, I’ve looked everywhere else on the net and couldn’t find an answer.

As I was web browsing on my Ipad (using safari of course), I received the dialog box asking if I was sure that I wanted to submit the non secure form. The webpage however did not have any visible forms. I believe the warning was prompted by me opening links via new tab, since I typically browse privately and prefer to open new tabs so that Im not sent to the top of the page or beginning of the page when I return to the original page.

Considering that I have searched the internet high and low and have not found anything regarding the matter, should I be worried? Was the website trying to steal data from me? Or doing something in the background without my knowledge? Thanks


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From what I researched online just now, its directly related to Safari and the possibility of a poorly written website. Does it happen on only 1 website?


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Thank you for your reply!

To be honest this has only happened once, I just found it odd that it happened on a website that I have been on many times before and have never seen this warning. I have never even seen this warning when actually submitting forms and various websites. Thanks