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  1. Greggie Boy

    Greggie Boy New Member

    Buying my first digital camera and would like your opinions on the Kodak Z 7590

    The Z 7590 has an external flash connection which is nice but is it safe to use a Metz 40 CT1 via this conection orwill I have to"slave it", which is no probem really.
    I have all my 35 mm equipment but I need something digital and would like to take advantage of the external flash option too.

    thanks i advance..
  2. Prof Pwnsworth

    Prof Pwnsworth New Member

    Ive read only a few reviews on that camera. It looks nice, but all of the prices are around 350+. The camera that ive been using for about 4 months is the fujifilm s5200. Its produced great shots and it also has a 10X optical with 5.6X digital. the ISO rating goes as high as 1600 so you can take great telephoto or night shots. its shaped a bit more conventional to 35mm SLR's than the kodak. Its also very light. I switched to this camera after using a Practica B-100 35mm SLR from 1970, so the wieght difference was huge.
  3. Greggie Boy

    Greggie Boy New Member

    Thanks . The Fugi S5200 is basically the same as the Z7590 and I guess I,ll have to chose.
    I'm still using a Pentax Sp1000(screw mount) that I got in 1974 and seven lenses I accumulated over the years, three flashes, about twenty filters... so It bugs me that I'm buyinga new just for convenience sake.
  4. DCIScouts

    DCIScouts VIP Member

    Don't forget if the cameras are relatively similar, consider also the media that the cameras will be using. The Kodak media will be cheaper, and has larger sized SD cards than the Fuji XD cards. Also, don't forget that digital zoom degrades the picture quality, so just take the optical technology and leave the digital out of the equation.

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