opteron or x2?

Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by bigpimp101, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. bigpimp101

    bigpimp101 New Member

    what is better for gaming..... amd opteron 165 or amd x2 3800?
  2. ckfordy

    ckfordy banned

    X2 3800 is better for gaming. i think the opteron is used for servers but can be used in desktops.
  3. 98vert6spd

    98vert6spd New Member

    the 165 is the same as an x2
    its the better buy

    it has more cache and is a better ocer

    do a serach on opterons

    server chips are built on better silicon and mustb e more stable
    which makes them excellent Ocers

    someone else will chime in that knows more
  4. Geoff

    Geoff VIP Member

    Yes the Opterons are much better overclockers than the X2 series, but im not sure what one performs better.
  5. Lidberg

    Lidberg New Member

    One thing to consider is that the warrenty is already void if you use an Opteron in a non server environment. Although, I think overclocking voids your warrenty as well... Oh well
  6. MIK3daG33K

    MIK3daG33K New Member

    Well as a person that has had both a X2 4200 and an Opteron 170, I think that the opteron outperforms the X2 both in price and in ability. My Opteron scores about 3000 points higher in 3DMark01 SE. The reason i pick that benchmarking program is becasue it seems to be the most processor based while 03 and 05 are more graphics based. Although 06 does a great job (especially using both cores.) I would suggest an Opteron because they are cheaper and perform better.
  7. Binary Coder

    Binary Coder New Member

    I'd go for the Opteron. More bang for your buck.
  8. Charles_Lee

    Charles_Lee New Member

    go with opteron 165, like i did ^^;
    unless you don't like ocing them
    cuz x2 3800 is 2Ghz without ocing, compared to opteron 165 at 1.8Ghz
    but if you look at people ocing opteron 165, they raise the clock speed up to 2.8Ghz easy
    well, i am getting my cpu by this week, and i will oc it right away,
    i will tell ya how the results are, lolz

    if you are canadian, the cheapest place to buy opteron 165 OME is NCIX.com
    only $412 after tax!!!
    compared to ebay., where people sell it for $440 can.
    lol, good luck

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