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Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by Rick G, May 16, 2006.

  1. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    I am going to rebuild my system about July and am now trying to choose the right CPU. I have been leaning toward the Opteron 165 because I like overclocking, but have recently been told that the NEW 165's are now locked to prevent O/C, any truth to that?
    I plan on using either a DFI or MSI mobo and have heard that the DFI can unlock the 165???
    If not using the Opteron which X2 CPU would be the best, X2 3800???
  2. spamdos

    spamdos New Member

    in regards to the second question, the X2 3800 would be best value now. but in july you will have to look at the new processors, i am not sure about the opteron, but i have heard that for the money, they are powerful processors
  3. SlothX311

    SlothX311 New Member

    if you are gaming the 3800+ X2 is your worst bet for the money, go with a 3500+ AMD 64, or higher, but if your not gaming then i would recommend the X2, for the price...
  4. fade2green514

    fade2green514 Active Member

    i disagree :)
    the X2 3800+ is easily overclockable to 2.4ghz without any extra voltage.
    2.6ghz easily with a bit of cooling! :)
    i ordered a new heatsink and i plan on getting to 2.7ghz if the heat isn't too much for it! :D

    they can't lock the cpu from being overclocked before the thing is in the computer... the FSB is changed on the motherboard, not the cpu... the cpu only decides on what it wants to multiply the FSB by haha
    get the opteron 165, or the X2 3800+!! your choice really... they're just about as good, but if you get a REALLY high quality opty then it might be able to hit 3ghz... of course people have done that with X2 3800+'s as well

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