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Hi everyone. My computer started going wrong yesterday when it gave me a screen saying overheating error please click f1. So I do this and it takes me to bios ez mode. I have no clue what to do to fix anything as i just really use it to play my games and talk to family., so i just exited with f10. did notice that my cpu fan was around 50% then shoots up to 100% and temp 83c

My computer is really slow and playing games is impossible as its lagging too much. It went on to error once more and today it errored on start up and while on it it just shut down completely. I had my husband clean it all out yesterday, fans are all working.

I just dont know what to do to diagnose .. graphics card is all updated

could it be the cpu fan needs replaced? or the cpu itself or maybe its a graphic failure. there are two fans working in the computer.. do i need more.. as far as i can tell both are working at over 1700 and 1900.

There was somewhere i looked that said windows updates can cause overheating but i think that was maybe a week ago i updated.

its an Amd A4 Overclocked - AMD Ryzen 7 8 core processor with 16 memory - water cooled.. and its about 3 years old

grateful for any advice


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I would look at the cpu cooling. I'm not familiar with water cooled systems so can't tell you what to check. I wouldn't use the system until it gets checked out.