Password protect an external drive


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I use an external drive for backup of pictures, documents, etc using a simple dos batch file to specify which folders are to be included. Many of my documents have personal information, and my wife pointed out that my method lacks the basic security of password protection. Ten minutes of research seems to indicate that Bit Locker is the easiest solution. Is Bit Locker a feature within windows 10. One video showed a person right clicking a drive and Bit Locker appeared in the drop down menu, however, I don't see that option when I do the same.


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You'll need windows 10 pro to be able to use bitlocker as it's not included with windows 10 home.


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There's also manual encryption tools you can do per-file but Bitlocker is much more convenient since it's automatic for the full volume of the drive.

Also pro keys are pretty inexpensive I had to get one for one of my family members but can be had for $10 or so.